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Wikimedia maps url schema needs to support coordinates
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This is a blocker for T113438

Currently wikimedia maps has an url schema that asks for Web Mercator grid coordinates. This creates a problem with implementing a link to wikimedia maps through geohack. Geohack uses longitude and latitude coordinates - in a decimal degree format, which are passed through the template parameters {latdegdec} and {longdegdec}.

Geohack could, as is, link to static images, but not to the map itself.

For example, wikimedia maps needs to supports links like this one (this one is using the coordinate of Reykjavík (Iceland's capital)):

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@Snaevar, the /style/zoom/x/y.png format is specifically for tiles that are addressable as two integers, which is not what you need here. You need to be able to show either a static or a dynamic map in geohack.

For static, use,6,64.1475,-21.936389,800x600.png
For a link, use
For a dynamic map, you will need to include leaflet library into geohack and point it to the tile server