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GeoHack's list of mapping service links does not include
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Many wikipedia articles use coordinate templates that link to E.g. San Francisco's two displays of coordinates link to this. geohack in turn displays links to view the coordinates' location in dozens of mapping services, not including People who use GeoHank may wrongly conclude from the bold green link that "Wikimapia" is Wikimedia's mapping service. English Wikipedia currently uses for the in-article interactive maps.

I understand that the goal for is to one day be so good that it can be embedded when clicking the coordinates, but for now we should add to GeoHack.

It appears that GeoHack loads a template for its laundry list of mapping services from , so someone merely needs to be bold and add links of the form:

[//{osmzoom}/{latdegdec}/{londegdec} Wikimedia's super-awesome OSM-based map service]

to this template (and on other wikis). I made the sort of change required in this diff to Template:GeoTemplate/sandbox, but I don't know how to test the sandbox template on It seems some quick live testing of an edit to the actual template is all that's needed.

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GeoHack is operated by @Magnus.

The source code at does not indicate any way to use the sandbox directly in the tool.

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some geohacks have added to their lists. I don't think our goal is to replace all the features offered by the more mature mapping services, so a link to is not that useful - instead, it will hopefully be used as the informative data source, and other services can always be looked offered as external links.