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CLDRPluralRuleParser\Converter calls $this->doOperation() incorrectly
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CLDRPluralRuleParser\Converter calls $this->doOperation() with 2 parameters, but the function definition only has one

				while ( $lastOp && self::$precedence[$token->name] <= self::$precedence[$lastOp->name] ) {
					$this->doOperation( $lastOp, $this->operands );
					array_pop( $this->operators );
					$lastOp = end( $this->operators );
		while ( $op = array_pop( $this->operators ) ) {
			$this->doOperation( $op, $this->operands );
	protected function doOperation( Operator $op ) {
		if ( count( $this->operands ) < 2 ) {
			$op->error( 'missing operand' );
		$right = array_pop( $this->operands );
		$left = array_pop( $this->operands );
		$result = $op->operate( $left, $right );
		$this->operands[] = $result;

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Not introduced in the split to its own package:

Marking as low because there doesn't seem to be any functionality issues caused by this.

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I'll fix this.

Change 263571 had a related patch set uploaded (by MtDu):
Call doOperation function correctly in CLDRPluralRuleParser\Converter

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Call doOperation function correctly in CLDRPluralRuleParser\Converter