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With the following

|Description = {{en|[[:en:Devdas (1935 film)|]], an Indian movie.}}
|Source =
|Author = Pramathesh Barua
|Date = 1935
|Permission =
|Other versions =

License: {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}}
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krenair@tin:~/T119673$ http_proxy=webproxy:8080 wget ""
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Connecting to webproxy (webproxy)|2620:0:861:1:208:80:154:10|:8080... connected.
Proxy request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 1376794832 (1.3G) [video/webm]
Saving to: `Devdas_1935.webm'

100%[====================================>] 1,376,794,832 11.1M/s   in 2m 5s   

2015-11-25 23:33:58 (10.5 MB/s) - `Devdas_1935.webm' saved [1376794832/1376794832]

krenair@tin:~/T119673$ mwscript importImages.php commonswiki --comment-ext txt --user Yann .
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Importing Devdas_1935.webm...done.

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Re-opening because I made a mistake and downloaded a video-only version of the film from YouTube (no other high-quality version is available in WebM anyway).

I'm currently transcoding the original MP4 file to WebM (VP8 video + Vorbis audio), and will drop here a link once it's ready. I'm using the original bitrate for both audio and video, so the file will be a bit bigger.

Once this is done, please overwrite the existing file at

If transcoding is taking too long, it might be faster to just transcode the audio and mux it into the video vp9 file from youtube.

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try vp9/opus
(video, audio, merged with avconv version 11.4 built on Nov 2 2015 12:38:57 with gcc 4.8 (Ubuntu 4.8.4-2ubuntu1~14.04) on tool labs)

@zhuyifei1999: are you suggesting I upload that under your name, replacing the existing file?

zhuyifei1999 added a comment.EditedNov 28 2015, 3:16 AM

@zhuyifei1999: are you suggesting I upload that under your name, replacing the existing file?

I'm fine with that. If a Dailymotion version is available, I'm also fine if that version is uploaded instead.

o.O That's a png. Any ideas on how to download a video from Dailymotion?
EDIT: youtube-dl works. ETA 1-2 hours

zhuyifei1999 added a comment.EditedNov 28 2015, 5:44 AM

Downloaded to with youtube-dl
converting to with /data/project/yifeibot/.local/bin/avconv -y -i file:/data/project/yifeibot/public_html/output/dailymotion-x2735tc.mp4 -crf 10 -qmin 0 -qmax 10 -q:a 6 file:/data/project/yifeibot/public_html/output/dailymotion-x2735tc.webm ETA 2-3 hours

Resulting file is 559M (vp8/vorbis). I'll get it uploaded with chunked uploading.