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Prefix index search and namespaces in Special:Withoutinterwiki
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Author: Eugene.Zelenko

Will be useful to add prefix index search to Special:Withoutinterwiki, because list of pages could be very long for manual browsing.

Also Special:Withoutinterwiki show pages only from article namespace. Ability to browse Category and Project (like Wikipedia), may be Template could be very useful addition to Special:Withoutinterwiki.

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Severity: enhancement



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nicdumz wrote:

namespace support for r32809

Prefix index search is already implemented.

Here is a patch to support namespace filtering.


attachment SWIns.diff ignored as obsolete

nicdumz wrote:

html typo fix


Patch gives conflicts with trunk. Can you please provide an update?

sumanah wrote:

Nicolas, I'm sorry it took more than a year for someone to look at your patch. We're aiming on being much quicker to respond now. If you have time to update your patch so that it works with Subversion trunk, please do so -- if you need help, feel free to stop in to MediaWiki-General on FreeNode IRC.

p.selitskas wrote:

Is there any progress upon the feature requested?

sumanah wrote:

It looks like no one has submitted this change into our source control system recently? I recommend for anyone who wants to give that a try.

p.selitskas wrote:

This special page is considered expensive and prefix search is not enabled for cached pages, so Wikipedia users won't see it any way.

I revised Nicolas' patch and submitted my try to Gerrit:

Patch needs rework - Pavel, would you have time for that?
If not, could you reset the assignee to default?

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