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Implement word frequency diff features
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So, we can do some relatively intelligent diffing between python dicts (aka hash maps). We should implement a way to generate a word count distribution for a revision of a page.


"This is a content.  I have a content." -->
  "this": 1,
  "is": 1,
  "a": 2,
  "content": 2
  "i": 1,
  "have" 1

Using this, we can get a sense for how unusual a new contribution is.

"This is a content.  I have a content." --> "This is a content.  Content is this."
  "content": 0,
  "is": 1,
  "this": 1,
  "a": -1,
  "have": -1,
  "i": -1

Using this representation of a word frequency diff, we can detect changes that add new words to the page (probably strongly associated with new meaning) -- e.g. proportional additions and removals. Working with the diff above and comparing to the initial revision, we get the following addition and removal proportions.

  "is": 1,  # +1/1 = increase of 100%
  "this": 1  # +1/1 = increase of 100%
  "a": -0.5, # -1/2 = decrease of 50%
  "have": -1, # -1/1 = decrease of 100%
  "i": -1 # -1/1 = decrease of 100%

I suspect that this will be particularly valuable for badwords. E.g. if one were to edit the article about a particular curse word (e.g., adding a new instance of that curse word to the article would result in a minor proportional change while adding a different curse word would result in a large proportional change.

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I've got the changes for this wrapped up in a big pull request I am working on. I realized that it would be a pain to implement this NLP strategy in revscoring's current structure, so I'm including it with the work for T121005


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