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Install Special:Nuke on TestWiki
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Author: wm-thunderhead

A user, Betacommandbot, has created over 7,000 pages on the Test Wikipedia, each with the content [[Category:Uber large category]], or something to that sort. I am a sysop on that project, and I would like to request that the Nuke extention be installed temporarily to help deal with those pages. Thank you.

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ayg wrote:

It's a test wiki. It's good for it to have a large category. To, you know, test stuff.


bugs wrote:

Same comment as I put on Meta: Thunderhead... that bot isn't a vandal, it's a ''test-wiki''. Read: ''not a sandbox'', but a test-wiki... The bot was testing the effects of a large category and how it was rendered. But it really doesn't matter why he did it, it's a test-wiki, he was testing the features of the database. Please do not call him or his bot a vandal. I don't understand why you are making such a big deal about this, did you even contact the owner?

bugs wrote:

I'm re-opening this for a different reason than it was originally intended in principle. Technically, test-wiki *should* have Special:Nuke because of the normal content there. We just need to educate our sysops on its proper use. Thunderhead really should have contacted the user first. I have contacted him and he says it is fine if they are nuked.

wm-thunderhead wrote:

Casey, yes I did contact the owner, who said he was "nuking" the content, which never happened.

wm-thunderhead wrote:

Though I did not contact him in a civil way, which I regret. I admit I could have indeed been more civil in contacting him about the bot, though the test wiki runs on Wikimedia servers. A simple "ddfafa" takes up server space and adds to the job queue, which shouldn't be very high, no matter where, IMO.


Test edits for category stuff on a test wiki.

bugs wrote:

(In reply to comment #5)

Casey, yes I did contact the owner, who said he was "nuking" the content, which
never happened.

He deleted the content after I asked him. :-/ Please also keep in mind that
this post was from over a month ago. :-P

Changing all WONTFIX high priority bugs to lowest priority (no mail should be generated since I turned it off for this.)