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Don't mention allowing others to contact you if $wgEnableUserEmail=false
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On Special:Userlogin we see

  • E-mail (optional): Enables others to contact you through your user or user_talk page without needing to reveal your identity.

even though those capabilities are turned off, (no buttons on those
pages to do any contacting), using $wgEnableUserEmail=false;

Indeed, in this case the message should just mention that one will get
a button to press when one forgets their password to have it sent.

Also mention that anyway.

Of course what they see upon account creation may not reflect the
state of the administrator has set the switches years later when they
attempt to use such features.

I see I have a report I was going to submit earlier for 1.9.2, I'm not

sure if it still applies. Here it is anyway:

Subject: $wgEnableUserEmail message but $wgEnableEmail test

Even if one does $wgEnableUserEmail = false;
On Special:Userlogin&type=signup users will still see

"* E-mail (optional): Enables others to contact you through your user
or user_talk page without needing to reveal your identity."

Same on Preferences, though indeed at least the related click box

One has to $wgEnableEmail = false; to stop it.

So there should be two messages, one for each variable. Not just one.

Version: 1.10.x
Severity: trivial



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Just edit the 'MediaWiki:prefs-help-email' page.

The software should display messages which are relevant to the current configuration. Requiring that the messages be customized in every language that a visitor might want for something the software can detect itself seems subideal.

I'm not sure this is even worth the code really...

The UI not being blatantly wrong is always worth the code.

mrry.dmlo.demelo wrote:

Thank you

jopiswezggzmw wrote:

Proposed patch

I've made changes to the login page and the preferences page, which I think are the only places this message is displayed.

I wasn't sure what the best way to implement the message was so I added a new 'prefs-help-email-limited' message with the unnecessary text omitted. Perhaps I should have instead broken 'prefs-help-email' up into two messages?

Hopefully this will be alright.


jopiswezggzmw wrote:

Any chance someone could take a look at the patch?

You repeat the same sentence in the new message.
It would be better to redesign things so the sentences could be
inserted independently. Yes, that is not as simple as just making a
new message...

karun.84 wrote:

The proposed patch requires review.

Adapted and committed as r80281.

Should be in Mediawiki 1.18.