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Show preview changes page title to raw MediaWiki:Editing value
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I'm not 100% sure if this is specifically a MediaWiki issue or an issue with a script somewhere, but:

The interface message which contains the text is [[MediaWiki:Editing]], but my question is this: is whatever JavaScript code that generates the content when a preview is requested supposed to display the plain text from that page, or is it supposed to parse the result, then post it (then again, why does it even need to be changed from its initial value before submission in the first place)?

I get the feeling this might be an on-wiki script somewhere, but I'm putting this here just in case it isn't, or there's a MediaWiki core aspect to it (P.S. the regenerated title still has $1).

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This only happens when "Live preview" is enabled in preferences, or when using VisualEditor. MediaWiki:Editing should not use parser functions.

Indeed. If messages should conceptually be different based on certain conditionals, such feature should be implemented as part of the software (with different messages for each), not as part of a local translation override. That's not what the localisation system is for and is subsequently not supported.

It works more or less by accident for PHP renderings because the message parser is shared with that of advanced templates and such.