Portal Dashboard - display browser/version used
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We'd like to add another "view" into the Portal Dashboard to display the type and version of browser that our users are using to get to the portal page.

This story is to display the results that the algorithm captured so that we can be aware of what browsers our users use most.

The display can be done in a table format (not needed as a graph) and can be sorted by several variables like by day, by week, by month, by browser.

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It's not terribly useful to display a flat list of versions, because you'll get caught in details and miss the bigger picture. @Ironholds said the user agent parser splits things into major and minor versions, so that you can see the bigger picture. That would be more helpful. :)

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Perfect! :)

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Minor versions would massively increase the size of the dataset. Should I read the above as "major versions only" or "major and minor, split"?

Given what this data is to be used for, I think major versions only would be fine. Thoughts, @debt?

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Yup, @Ironholds @Deskana - major versions only. Unless it narrows the field down too much.

@Ironholds is out until the end of next week; we've chosen to just to leave this task here in "in progress" even though it's not being worked on because we think that's minimally confusing. @mpopov may pick this up.

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Change 271441 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bearloga):
Adds browser breakdown


Progress update:

Example of filtering:

Looking pretty awesome!

Change 271441 merged by OliverKeyes:
Adds browser breakdown


Change 271822 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bearloga):
Deploy all bunch of cool stuff


Change 271822 merged by OliverKeyes:
Deploy all bunch of cool stuff


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Deployed. Yay!