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Log when spoofcheck or blacklist is overridden when creating accounts
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For the purpose of full transparency and being able to check for local policy compliance, would it be possible to include in the user creation log when an account is created and the creator overrides the blacklist and/or spoofing checks?

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Yes...the account creation log could probably be tagged...could you expand a bit more on your usecase?

Both of my examples come from enwp;

  1. Account creators are expected to follow certain criteria when overriding either, and more importantly,
  2. Part of the criteria for granting temporary account creation to those who host events is that they don't use those features

This would allow for a mechanism to make sure that both of these requirements are meet. Moreover, I don't think it hurts to log anything... it allows people to spot abuse and other (miscellaneous) breaches of various policy for a privileged tool on all WMF projects.