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setup/deploy sarin(WMF5851) as a salt master in codfw
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This task will track the setup and deployment of misc system sarin(WMF5851) for a salt master in codfw. This hardware allocation was approved on T123559.

  • - onsite task physical label and racktables visible label updates via T125753
  • - bios and drac settings checked/confirmed via T125753
  • - IDRAC firmware updgrade from version 1.3 to 2.21
  • - network port description/enable and vlan updated
  • - system mgmt dns update - via T125753
  • - system production dns update
  • - install_server module updates
  • - install OS - Jessie
  • - puppet/salt keys signed/accepted
  • - service implementation - hand this off to @ArielGlenn

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This system hasn't been allocated since moving from Tampa, so it needs its drac setup done for initial remote access. All of the onsite steps are detailed on T125753. Once those steps are done, system can be remotely accessed and installation can continue.

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@RobH. Do you know what partman schema we are using for this system?

@Papaul: the raid1-lvm-ext4-srv.cfg option.

Please note that the install for jessie cannot actually progress until T125256 is resolved (due to the installer bug.)

merged @Papaul's DNS changes. sarin exists now.

[radon:~] $ host sarin.codfw.wmnet
sarin.codfw.wmnet has address
[radon:~] $ host domain name pointer sarin.codfw.wmnet.

Change 268714 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dzahn):
auto-install: add sarin to netboot

Change 268714 merged by Dzahn:
auto-install: add sarin to netboot

Papaul updated the task description. (Show Details)

I am done with the installation of this system. I am assigner the task to Ariel for service implementation.

This is server is already in use as a Cumin master (which replaces Salt), closing.