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Math Selenium test fails with unable to locate element, using {:id=>"wpTextbox1", :tag_name=>"textarea"} (Watir::Exception::UnknownObjectException)
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Both Chrome and Firefox fail with the same error message:

00:00:08.453   Scenario: Display simple math                    # features/math.feature:15
00:00:25.327     Given I am logged in                           # mediawiki_selenium-1.6.5/lib/mediawiki_selenium/step_definitions/login_steps.rb:1
00:00:25.327     And I am at page that does not exist           # features/step_definitions/math_steps.rb:13
00:00:25.327     When I click link Create                       # features/step_definitions/math_steps.rb:17
00:00:25.327     And I type <math>3 + 2</math>                  # features/step_definitions/math_steps.rb:25
00:00:25.328       unable to locate element, using {:id=>"wpTextbox1", :tag_name=>"textarea"} (Watir::Exception::UnknownObjectException)

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Change 269709 had a related patch set uploaded (by Zfilipin):
Fixed broken Selenium test

Change 269709 merged by jenkins-bot:
Fixed broken Selenium test

@hashar: I have noticed that the tests are still failing :( will investigate today.

Change 271757 had a related patch set uploaded (by Zfilipin):
Fixed failing Selenium test

Change 271757 merged by jenkins-bot:
Fixed failing Selenium test

The single test is passing now:

Project build #825: FIXED in 34 sec:

Was due to the default editor on enwiki for logged in users to be VisualEditor when the test expects source editor. Zeljko changed the test to use an anonymous user which default to source edit for now. Good enough.