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revisiting uncalled for nowikitags while suffix addition without space outside [[linked wikimarkup area]] to create a compound word
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While it has been already explained to us after [[linked wikimarkup area]] we need to have a space, if space is not given -[[linked word]]suffix- VE software inserts an uncalled for nowiki tag. So if at all we have to write any compound word it has to be written [[linked word|Linkedword+Suffix]]

One of experienced user from Marathi Wikipedia asserts that Sanskrit and Marathi are the languages where in instance of formation of compound words by adding various type of suffix is very high. Option of [[linked word]]suffix writing in this fashion getting blocked due to present VE limitatation of 'automated insertion of uncalled for nowikitags' does not allow us to save on resources. So his assertion is that avoiding 'automated insertion of uncalled for nowikitags' in these instances would be better.