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As a user, I shouldn't need to re-download the same data
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Steps to repro

  1. Launch the app, load the feed
  2. Lock the screen
  3. Unlock the screen

Also an issue with:

  • Search (cache individual query results)
  • Nearby (cache results for specific location)
  • Site info (e.g. "Main page")
  • Most read (pageviews data and previews)

Expected results

Cached data is displayed, expired data is re-fetched.

Actual results

All data is always refetched.

Dev notes

We're only storing feed data in memory, in an NSCache. Since that's purged when the app goes to the background, we have to re-download everything. Some options are:

  • Use NSURLCache + maxage response headers
    • We should be using this for all cache control, but has implications for CoreData
  • Use some other manual, persistent caching solution
    • NSCoding + manual expiration
    • CoreData
    • etc.

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The app is not good about network usage. Suggest we consider this as part of CoreData update plans.

Blocked by feed loading changes T138051

Once that ticket is complete we should revisit if any of the above improvements are still valid/needed.

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Closed in iOS board grooming.