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Apply syntax highlighting to eligible pages during diffs and page previews
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When viewing a diff from the page history of a page that gets highlighting, the rendered version shown (below the diff) is displayed without highlighting and in a variable width font.
Also, prolly separate bug, but when previewing the same page there is no preview shown at all.

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There is a current problem, in that when diffing js pages, the page sometimes can be difficult to read, as JS sometimes includes absolutely positioned divs etc...

It refers to auto-highlighted pages (js/css)

as it can introduce problem viewing some sort of page actions, then I don't think it should be described as "enchantment"

robchur wrote:

There's effectively two issues, here then; MediaWiki's lousy handling of such pages during diffs and previews, and its failure to call the appropriate hook for the extension.

One's a bug, one's theoretically an enhancement.

Yes, it can both be seen as an enhancement and a bug. To visualize a potential buggy part of this, I've created an example javascript page, perhaps some would do a script similar to that, to display some sort of splash screen. The code is at and the problem is viewed at for example.

Not exactly sure but as of MediaWiki v1.16.0beta3 I still see pages like MediaWiki:Vector.js not using <pre> tags at all during preview.

Diff-view has been fixed though.

Note: My test-install did not include the SyntaxHighlighing extension at this point. But js/css pages are rendered in <pre> by core functionality aswell. And that seems to be broken when previewing.

Ofcourse when editing user-scripts and (via the Gadgets extension) these are (sometimes?) executed when previewing the page so those probably dont need any change during preview.

So I guess it's MediaWiki not recognizing it's supposed to render it as sourcecode when previewing. And thus neither the core function to wrap in <pre>, nor third party extensions can hook that.

So, change the component to MW core ?

1.16wmf4: Yes, diffs seem fixed and preview of .css and .js files in User: space seems disabled (for good reason), but preview of .css and .js files in MediaWiki: space remains being rendered as wikitext; they also need highlighting, or at least be wrapped in <pre>.

Fixed in r77981. Only <pre> formatting is used, since the hook used by SyntaxHighlighting is not appropiate there.