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Permissions to assign "confirmed user" and "account creator" rights in gl wikipedia
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Currently on galician wikipedia neither admins nor bureaucrats have the rights to assign "confirmed user" or "account creator" permissions to other users. A proposal and consensus was achieved here to set the following:

  • Grant administrators the rights to add & remove "confirmed user" permissions to other users
  • Grant bureucrats the rights to add & remove "account creator" permissions to other users

Could you please set this config? Let me know in case any further details are required. Thank you!

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Luke081515 added a subscriber: Luke081515.

Only two users voted?

I made the proposal, and 3 other of the most active admins voted and agreed on it. We are a relatively small community, most of the admins and bureucrats are not very active or not interested/involved in most of the technical intricacies of the wiki. Same for the editor community, they tend to center on content related editing and proposals/votes, not so much on the technical side. Proposal's been up for 8 weeks in the local "village pump" without any opposition, should be enough community consensus to get the change implemented.

Ok, in this case this is enough.

Change 275285 had a related patch set uploaded (by MarcoAurelio):
Permissions configuration changes for gl.wikipedia

Change 275285 merged by jenkins-bot:
Permissions configuration changes for gl.wikipedia

MarcoAurelio moved this task from To deploy to Done on the Wikimedia-Site-requests board.