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Special:Statistics should add link to Special:Listusers?group=sysop etc.
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We see "of which 1 (or 1.82%) has Sysops rights."

Well, instead of there linking to a non-existent page talking about what it
is like to be a sysop, perhaps link to e.g.,
index.php?title=Special:Listusers&group=sysop as
the default, and let fancy sites customize that link if they want,
thus eliminating one more non-existent default link.

Version: 1.10.x
Severity: enhancement



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Edit [[MediaWiki:Userstatstext]] to have different text.

The links can be edited via [[MediaWiki:grouppage-sysop]], [[MediaWiki:grouppage-bureaucrat]] and [[MediaWiki:grouppage-bot]].

Well, wouldn't it be nice to provide a link to the list of sysops,
bots, etc. (Special:Listusers&group=sysop, etc.) along with the
currently useless by default empty present link, as a compromise?
Don't make the user do handstands just to find out who those mystery
people are.

You must admit that mentioning the elite class of sysops, an leaving
figuring out what link (Special:Listusers&group=sysop) to hit to find
out just who they are, is a brush-off to the lesser users.

The new link pair could look like: ... sysops (list) (describe).

bugs wrote:

It's not a bug, you can change it yourself. No need to implement it in default software.

It's not a bug

I meant enhancement. OK, let them find out who the sysops are the hard way by default.

robchur wrote:

It seems to me that it would make sense to have a link to the list of sysops somewhere in that sentence, if not as a standalone link, then perhaps worked into the sentence somehow, e.g.

"...of which [[Special:Listusers/sysop|4,000]] are..."

I'm not too sure about that particular example, since single-digits are a bit harder to spot, and it's potentially a more meaningless link. Other ideas might be a "(view list)" link either after the number, e.g

"...of which 4,000 (view list) are..."

or at the end of the sentence, e.g.

"...of which 4,000 are sysops (view list)."

Component: Special pages -> i18n

Fixed with r40636 in combination with bug 5619.