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Meta: Prototype new JS framework (malu)
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Malu is created and working.

It is published at, the latest release is 0.0.2. Owners of the package at are @dduvall and me.

Example code on how to use it is in Gerrit patch 256404. The patch used to work fine with Malu 0.0.2 but it is broken for the current version of Firefox (46). The fix is simple, Malu depends on selenium-webdriver ~2.47.0. Upgrading to the latest version of selenium-webdriver (2.53.2) fixes the problem. It has been a while since I have tried it, but the patch should work fine with the current version of Chrome.

There are a few commits in Malu since the 0.0.2 release that are not backwards compatible, so patch 256404 does not work with Malu master. I have tried updating the patch, but my JavaScript skills are not so good, so the progress is slow. I have reached out to a couple of people with JavaScript skills that have shown interest in Malu, one of them replied that he is willing to help (so far). We will pair this or the next week.

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@zeljkofilipin can you add a status summary to this task, please?

@zeljkofilipin What is left to do here before the "prototype" is considered done?

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We are using with the middlewar being directly into mediawiki/core, see . Hence MALU tasks are all obsoletes and to be archived (T163159)