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Render onsite URLs written in external link form like internal links
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All links written in external link form ([http://example.tld example]) are displayed with class="external text". However not all of them are external:

  1. [{{fullurl:foo|action=history}} History of foo]
  2. [ History of foo]
  3. [{{fullurl:foo|action=history}}]
  4. []
  5. {{fullurl:foo|action=history}}

Examples above produce the same output although it's page on local wiki. At least first two or four examples should be rendered as internal links (with class="internal").

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Severity: enhancement



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It actually has been meant the way that this kind of links should not have class="external text" but class="internal" instead thus different formatting than regular external links to sites outside as well as to regular wikilinks can be set.

-> <a href="/wiki/foo" title="foo">bar</a>

[{{fullurl:foo|action=history}} history] (and other cases shown above)
-> <a href="/w/index.php?title=foo&amp;action=history" class="internal" title="foo">history</a>

[http://example.tld example]
-> <a href="http://example.tld" class="external text" title="http://example.tld" rel="nofollow">example</a>

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 11477 ***