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tog-extendwatchlist wording too cryptic
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Gentlemen, today we shall discuss tog-extendwatchlist. In Preferences
one sees:

[]Expand watchlist to show all applicable changes

Who can figure out what that means without knowing where the
documentation is and reading it?:

Expand the watchlist to show all applicable changes. By default,
only the most recent page change is shown for each page. Expanding
the watchlist (by modifying your preferences) will show every
single edit made, not just the most recent edit.

Well, when adjusting one's mailman preferences, one sees the full

However, if you insist on being cryptic in preferences (to make room
for plenty of whitespace on the screen or something) at least say

[]Show every single edit of a page made, not just the most recent edit.
or better
[]Show all edits of a page, not just the most recent.

or something similar.

Version: 1.11.x
Severity: trivial



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robchur wrote:

A pair of radio buttons would be better suited to this preference, which outline the two options.

Changed component to "Watchlist"