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Pages differing only in case sensitivity are overridden
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Author: stux

Given two different pages that have the same name but differ only in case (current examples I've seen only cover first-letter uppercase vs. all uppercase), the page created first will override the one created afterwards.

For example, in the english wikipedia [[Mess]] refers to a mess hall, while [[MESS]] described an emulator. However when linking or navigating to either page, only the former page (the description of a mess hall) would be rendered. The latter would have to be reached directly by using long-form queries and manipulating the page name directly.


for a list of examples.

Note that other mixed-case variations have not been tested and may cause problems as well.

I am unsure what the severity/priority of this bug should be, as this is my first bug report. However, I do think it is significant as it prohibits normal users from accessing certain pages in the database.

Version: 1.12.x
Severity: normal



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Looking at your test cases, they all appear to be working as expected. Please make sure the problem is not caused by some custom javascript or oddball browser plugin.

stux wrote:

Thank you for the advice Daniel. After testing different configurations (browser: [firefox/opera], machine, account), I have determined that the problem is with the caching proxy that my machine is connected to. I apologize for having created an unnecessary bug report. I'll test more diligently in the future. Also, should this bug be removed from the case-sensitive tracker (3950)?