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Backfill Android Apps pageviews from May 2nd hour 21
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Process involves:

  • Compute missed pageviews (not everything, only missed ones)
  • merge newly-computed pageviews with exisiting ones
  • backfill oozie:
    • pageview-trasform for archive
    • projectview_hourly
    • projectview_geo
    • browser_general
    • cassandra projectview hourly, dail
    • cassandra top daily
    • cassandra per-article daily (addition only)

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JAllemandou set the point value for this task to 8.
JAllemandou added a subscriber: Tbayer.

@Tbayer : Data has been backfilled from bug correction date (2016-05-03 for a full day). It looks correct in Vital signs, but I'd rather have you validating that; and if you don't mind, add a new annotation about bug correction. I'll close the task after you validate the data.
Thanks !

Great, thanks! Will take a closer look, but at least the percentage of app views among overall pageviews is back to previous levels (1.3% for the week until May 22).

What about wmf.mobile_apps_uniques_daily (cf. the original bug report: T132965) and wmf.mobile_apps_uniques_monthly?

@Tbayer : I Forgot about those two (they don't depend on pageview).
Currently backfilling daily, no need to do it for monthly.

@ TBayer: Mobile apps uniques backfilled !