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Create "In progress" or "in prototype" column on #ArchCom-RFC board
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  • Continue last week's conversation about ArchCom-RFC speed
    • Does “on track” make sense as a new column, or should we apply more scrutiny to the items “under > *discussion”?
    • What should we do with the conversations that are "not on track"? More agressively mark them as "stalled"?
    • What does it mean for something to be in the "Backlog" column?
    • ACTION: RobLa to make proposal

Event Timeline

TechCom-RFC board now has "In progress" column after the "ready for RFC meeting, but before the "last call". This state can be used for issues we've discussed, there's coding work based on the advice of ArchCom, but it's not yet +2'd (and the code may not be even written yet).