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[Epic] New editor support strategies research
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Interviews with Teahouse hosts, AFC reviewers, Huggle users, New Page Patrollers, and others who perform review/mentorship activities with new editors. Goal is to understand how to support these editors in their work, and define design requirements for

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Capt_Swing updated the task description. (Show Details)

@Capt_Swing, in researching Moodbar, I discovered the New editor feedback/Response team. This group is defunct but their purpose was very near to what we're looking at, and there is a long list of usernames on this page. What do you think about adding some of these folks to our interviews?`monospaced text`

@jmatazzoni yes, these people would be relevant to talk to. I can filter the list for still-active editors, and reach out.

@jmatazzoni I dug into the Moodbar logs, and it appears that two of our own, @I_JethroBT and @Ocaasi, were among the most active Moodbar responders. In the interest of efficiency, want me to see if I can set up a meeting with them?

@jmatazzoni I collected and shared all private research artifacts into the Edit Review Improvements folder on Google Drive, with pointers to the public artifacts in a spreadsheet. Since we aren't going to be doing any more generative research around ERI this quarter, I'm going to mark this as done.