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Install debootstrap and fakechroot on tools
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Please can the packages

  • debootstrap
  • fakeroot (already installed)
  • fakechroot

be installed on tool labs because I need them to create a chroot without root permissions.
I need to create a chroot because I need to install packages that are needed for my app. Thank you.

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can you outline a bit more what you are trying to do exactly?

My tools often need different packages to be installed, and sometimes these can be installed easily (binaries available to download) but often the only options for binaries is a custom apt repo, or compiling from source, which is very time consuming and doesn't always work. These packages would make it possible to make a chroot as a non root user, so packages can be installed inside the chroot with apt and can be used.

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ran this by moritz and we are on the same page that this is sane. Thanks for explaining your reasoning @tom29739. I will merge this today or tomorrow when I can.

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