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Attribute elements shown on promo images for iOS uploaded to Commons
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On e.g. help animation files, such as the element which are not "own work" (by MHurd (WMF) in this example) should be attributed.

For article texts if visable, please use e.g.

(paraphrased quote)
"If the screenshot contains any picture hosted in Commons, you should credit them properly (adding the link and author, in the "author" field at the "Information" template, as additional licensing), or elsewhere, avoid its displaying. Notice that if the screenshot contains any non-free picture depicted (such as backgrounds owned by Apple), you shouldn't upload the screenshot/animation to Commons, even if the main subject is the app rather than the screenshot itself ("de minimis" does not apply). If you really need to upload your screenshot with a non-free picture, you must crop out the non-free picture."

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JMinor moved this task from Needs Triage to PM-Backlog on the Wikipedia-iOS-App-Backlog board.

Thanks for flagging this. Many of these shots use things like search results pages which would be quite costly to fully attribute.

Perhaps, since these are used only on MediaWiki to illustrate help documentation we should re-upload there?