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Capitalization consistency in special pages
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Special:BrokenRedirects and Special:DoubleRedirects should be changed to Special:Brokenredirects and Special:Doubleredirects, respectively. The old titles should redirect to the newer titles.

These page URLs are inconsistent with other URLs dealing with redirects (Special:Listredirects, Special:Randomredirect) and they are inconsistent with the generally-used naming convention for special pages (first letter capitalized; all following letters not).

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Now that special page names are finally case-insensitive again, I think I'd actually prefer going back to the orignal camel-case convention for them (Special:RecentChanges etc), as it's more legible.

But that's open for debate. :D

Oh, either way would be fine with me. I just think it would be nice to have consistency. I suggested all lowercase because the majority currently use that; but using camel-case would keep more in-line with extensions like CategoryTree and ExpandTemplates, and it is easier to read.

Created attachment 4441
CamelCase names

Patch to change all to CamelCase attached.


bugs wrote:

*** Bug 15873 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

mike.lifeguard+bugs wrote:

Well, it's been un-fixed since comment 4, apparently...

Currently there is a mishmash of casing on special pages. Please double-check

*They all use CamelCase (or not)
*Make sure all links in Messages*.php reflect that (ie if we're using
CamelCase, then it should be "Return to [[Special:NewPages]]." -- if not, it
should be "Return to [[Special:Newpages]].")
*Make sure all js vars reflect whatever convention we're using

And then please try not to switch things unnecessarily (especially with js

Everything in MediaWiki core appears to have gotten camelcase added to the English-language aliases, but most of them haven't gotten camelcased in the canonical name.

For end-user use, special page names are case-insensitive so it "shouldn't matter" when changing them (though apparently people writing user scripts are using case-sensitive string comparisons to check what page they're on, so there's a request to receive warning of any changes.)

Nothing to fix here except the broken comparisons? JS vars keep using the old canonical names afaik, css classes use the page title. Translations should be all ok by now.