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Index page not updated on dewikisource
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On dewikisource we often experience the problem that the displayed status of a certain page on the index does not reflect the real status of this page. For example,

has been proofread the second time but is still yellow and not green on the related index:

Can anyone change or at least explain this behavior?

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Aschroet renamed this task from Index page not updated to Index page not updated on dewikisource.Jul 30 2016, 4:45 PM

Hi @Aschroet, thanks for taking the time to report this!

Is this a problem that started recently? Or has this happened for a while? Any idea for how long?

@Aklapper : This problem occurs on and (and I think on others also) over a year, see: T114318.


This is a well known problem: Mediawiki does not automatically update the visual indicators of links (red links, stub articles...) when the linked page status change. So, it is also true for links to Page: pages.