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Flow mention search should ignore letter case
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When using the Flow mention feature and starting to introduce the characters of a username, different results are offered depending on the caps of the usernames available and the string being typed by the user. To be more precise, the case of the first character seems to be already ignored, but not the rest.

For instance, try to find "AKlapper (WMF)" in a Flow mention at

  • "akla..." or "Akla..." are the strings that we can expect users to type first, yet none of the many results offered will be the one we are looking for.
  • "AKla..." and interestingly the awkward "aKla..." will quickly show "AKlapper (WMF) as only result.

It looks like an easyfix?

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It's not. The first character is different because the first character of usernames is canonicalized to capital. The rest is case-sensitive.