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Case-insensitive autocomplete for Flow mentions
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It seems autocomplete for user names when mentioning another user is currently case-sensitive. Typing dannyh doesn't offer DannyH (WMF) as a suggestion. It should imho.

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I don't think the API we're using (Allusers) supports that.

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FWIW, depending on your language/keyboard settings it's also difficult to mention people with diacritics in their names (example of person I ran into on, unless they have already participated to the discussion you're pinging them in.

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Just a +1 that this is really frustrating. I recently tried to @ mention Stillwell, and it took me several tries to figure out the right combination of letters to find her. (Mostly because it always takes me a while to remember that the reason I'm not getting matches is because it is unexpectedly case sensitive.)