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On-board Turkey
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  • [Leila] Introductory call (2016-08-23)
  • Getting the official list of monuments
  • working with Turkey's team to transfer the lists to Wikipedia and create the templates

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Got the official list and working on it to create unicodes and transfering data to Wikipedia

@WikiBronze thanks! Do you know why the number of rows (minus the title row) in the spreadsheet is 6182 while the number of monuments on the website is shown as 6181?

I don't know, really. @HakanIST might be the one to have an answer for us on that.

@LilyOfTheWest I'm really not sure, I ran the bot on with following webservice parameters 100 per query.

curl -H "Host:" -H "X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest" -H "Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8" -H "X-TS-AJAX-Request: true" -H "Referer:" --data-binary '{"il":"genel","sira":1,"sayi":"100"}' --compressed

@HakanIST let's not worry about it for now then.

@Romaine, can you create the templates for Turkey? Here are the fields we will have in the tables:
wd_item, City, Name, Year, Era, Protection Status, Coordinates

I had a chat with Basak and WikiBronze. Turkey has decided not to participate in 2016. I will close this task and open a new one, hopefully soon, to work towards helping Turkey participate in 2017.