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Extend user group features
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ruwiki should include 'editor' and 'autoeditor'. Review what groups are missing from other wikis and add to current/new boolean features as necessary. Rebuild and retest models.

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Halfak renamed this task from Add 'editor' and 'autoeditor' user groups to ruwiki models to Extend user group features.Aug 25 2016, 9:50 PM
Halfak updated the task description. (Show Details)

Here's the new classes and what they match:

  • revision.user.is_bot: 'bot'
  • revision.user.has_advanced_rights: 'checkuser', 'bureaucrat', 'oversight'
  • revision.user.is_admin: 'sysop'
  • revision.user.is_trusted: 'ipblock-exempt', 'browsearchive', 'deletedhistory', 'interface-editor', 'noratelimit', 'accountcreator', 'massmessage-sender', 'templateeditor', 'autopatrolled', 'propertycreator', 'centralnoticeadmin'
  • revision.user.is_patroller: 'rollback', 'abusefilter', 'patroller', 'reviewer', 'autoreview', 'autoreviewer', 'editor', 'autoeditor', 'eliminator'
  • revision.user.is_curator: 'import', 'filemover', 'suppressredirect'

@Halfak I think a 'ipblock-exempt' flag is not trusted. This flag can be given to people who have never worked with articles.

@Iniquity this is now deployed on We'll deploy it in production ( after a bit of review.

In the meantime, I want to show you the difference that this model makes.

"prediction": true,
"probability": {
  "false": 0.16704257423038926,
  "true": 0.8329574257696107

"prediction": false,
"probability": {
  "false": 0.7374832693909725,
  "true": 0.2625167306090274

If you could help me find some examples of mis-classified edits by people within the 'editor' or 'autoeditor' group, I'd like to see what the difference looks like with the new models.

@Halfak sorry for long time answer. I dont know what the problem with editors and autoeditors, but our RecentChanges page has been having only anonimous "red" edits.