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Maps - move traffic to eqiad instead of codfw
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Now that the maps eqiad cluster is ready, it is time to actually send traffic there after some validation that this cluster is working correctly.

This requires at least:

  • adding the kartotherian eqiad as a backend to varnish
  • changing cache routing to eqiad -> direct and codf -> eqiad (this needs to be done in 2 separate commits)
  • since tile generation is more recent on eqiad, we might need a full cache purge to ensure coherence of tiles (@Yurik can you confirm?)

@BBlack : I'm probably missing steps in the above plan, could you check?

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I suspect that both databases / tilesets are fairly similar. Then again, we had some job scheduling issue recently, so maybe we should do a full maps cache flush just to be sure - but this will cause a big spike on the servers, especially right after the switchover). As one of the cache flushing option, we could flush one zoom level at a time.

completed today?

Yes, there was an unplanned incident with the codfw karthotherian service and we accelerated the move to cope.

Resolved during maps incident as pointed out by @BBlack.