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I have requested a volunteer here.

Japanese native speaker here. I might be able to help.

@Asahiko Hi, thanks for your help! What we need to prepare the gadget for the Japanese Wikipedia is:

  1. Translate these messages to Japanese.
  2. Prepare a list of citation templates in the Japanese Wikipedia that have their TemplateData defined (for example, in English there's Template:Cite book, Template:Cite web, Template:Cite news, etc).
  3. Translate the following message to Japanese, so that we can present the gadget to the Japanese community (I will later enhance the message with links and screenshots):

Hi! The ProveIt gadget has been localized to Japanese, so I'd like to propose adding it to the list of gadgets. ProveIt is a powerful tool that makes it much easier to find, add, edit and delete references when editing articles. You can try it out by adding the following to your common.js:

Thanks again!

Sophivorus claimed this task.