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Sharing queries for Wikidata
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Type of activity: Unconference session
Main topic: Building on Wikimedia services: APIs and Developer Resources

The problem

Different users create SPARQL queries but there is no simple way today to share them.

Expected outcome

A web system similar to quarry integrated with Wikidata Query Service, that allow users to share, browse and run queries.

Current status of the discussion



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Event Timeline

Crang115 renamed this task from Quarry-like tool for Wikidata to Sharing queries for Wikidata.Oct 23 2016, 10:13 PM
Crang115 updated the task description. (Show Details)

Thank you for the proposal!
Could you clarify what would be the scope for this proposal and the results?
Would this session be about finding agreement how to set up such a system?
Would this session be about writing a prototype for such a system?
Or something else?

Quoting from T148735,

there is already a tool on Wikimedia labs, PPP-SPARQL, that uses Platypus backend to create SPARQL queries able to run on

Would that be related or not?

Hi @Aklapper ! I first thought that this session could be about finding agreement how to set up such a system, but if we manage to do it fast it could be great to write a prototype with the spare time!

I have to take a closer look on T148735: Add direct answers to Wikipedia search , but I think it is not related. I was thinking of a solution where we can share, track and fork our own queries, and not on a query generator.

Tgr added a subscriber: Tgr.

Please remember the next deadline in the selection process:

2016-11-14: Deadline for defining a good problem statement, expectations, and links to relevant resources.

That is next Monday.

Qgil updated the task description. (Show Details)

Actually, given the silence, the very basic information provided, and the lack of assignee, I will tentatively mark this proposal as declined. @Crang115 or anyone else can reopen it if you want to run an Unconference session at the Summit.

Hi @Qgil , sorry for the silence. I won't be able to go to SF so I left this task here hoping someone would clain it.

I'll try to follow the Summit online, but I don't know it would be possible to run a session this way. Think I'll draft somewhere this idea and move the discussion on wiki.

Thank you for the explanation, @Crang115. If you think it is better to keep the task open for now, you can just reopen it.