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Minor edit emails go for Wikidata edits, but not for on-wiki bot edits
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A few months ago emails for minor edits were enabled on huwiki (T125351). Since then, I use this feature, but it's not very reliable:

  • I get emails about many Wikidata edits on entities loaded on pages I watch on Wikipedia (not for every, I don't know any pattern; I have disabled showing WD edits in RC and watchlist), but
  • I don't get emails about any bot edits on Wikipedia (Wikidata bot edits sometimes send email as above).

It "floods" my inbox, for example when someone edits Q28 (Hungary), it may result in dozens of emails as these pages load some data (probably demonym) from it. It's very embarrassing since I have to read the summary in every email to find out if it's relevant (i.e. I get a real diff if I click on the diff link).