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Meta ticket: Deploy InnoDB compression where possible
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We have been testing InnoDB compression (T139055).
The results have been pretty good:

S1 - 1.3T -> 490G
S3 - 500GB less ( only compressed the top3 tables - (revision, pagelinks, templatelinks)  )
S4 - 1.3T -> 467G

We have seen no peformance drawbacks so far.
So when possible, try to keep compressing.

dbstore and lab servers are good candidates at the moment.

ALTER TABLE XXXXX row_format=compressed key_block_size=8;

Event Timeline

S5 results

788G -> 313G

From 365G to 144G

1.1T -> 457G

s6 results on dbstore2001:
It went from: 719G to 268G

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2017-01-05T07:07:50Z] <marostegui> Compressing pagelinks tables across all the wikis - db1044 - T150438

I have started compression on s2 (on dbstore2001)

s2 results on dbstore2001:

It went from 1.1T to 763G

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2017-04-03T06:51:55Z] <marostegui> Deploy InnoDB compression on dewiki - db1070 - T150438

Marostegui claimed this task.

Going to close this task, as compressing InnoDB is something we are naturally doing where it makes sense, so no need this task to remind it to us all the time really.