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Clarify guidelines for when to use LE Survey
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We have documented our general process for using LE Surveys, but some open questions remain about exactly when and how to use the survey, including:

Should we leave it up to the TPGer to decide which engagements should be surveyed, or should we have a standard rule?
How do we survey when there are two or more types of customers in the same engagement (e.g., sponsor and attendees)? Different survey for different customer types?
Note that we can get help from Edward and DRs for adding questions.

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I agreed to review the guidelines and make sure that they provide basic guidance for TPGers to decide how/when/whether to conduct this survey.

I added a "When to run a survey (or not)" section, which could use review. I'll ask for a volunteer at the next TPG planning meeting.

Moving back to TODO until I have a chance to review the comments and make appropriate updates.

ksmith moved this task from To Do to Needs Review on the Team-Practices (This-Week) board.

One final request for a small bit of review: In "Preparation", I added item 4 (with sub-bullets) about customizing the survey questions, as was requested in this task description. With that, I think it's done.

Looks good. I added some example survey questions that JMo reviewed.