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ORES (a 2-3 minute presentation)
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Write a 2-3 minute presentation about ORES.


  • ORES has a background lit (Wikipedia's socio-technical problems)
    • Banning of a Vandal --> The Rise and Decline --> Snuggle --> ORES
  • ORES is an experimental social intervention
    • Wikipedia is a distributed system -- let's take advantage of that
    • Empower Wikipedians, tool devs, Product, researchers, etc. to innovate
    • Engineer AI in a socially responsible way
    • Public service API, Open process, Public stats, Open data publications
  • Stats
    • # of wikis supported
    • # of users using ORES review tool
    • ongoing collaborations with Product
  • Next:
    • More/better models (PCFGs & Hash vectors; Edit types & Spam detection)
    • Papers on socio-technical patterns @ social computing journals/conf-journals

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@Halfak just my two cents: I would really emphasize the Edit Review Improvements implementation of ORES. It strikes me as a lightweight way of showing the value that ORES provides, and also underscores one of our most promising Research/Product collaborations (so far!).

Thanks @Capt_Swing. I'll make sure that gets highlighted.