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$wgMediaHandlers is missing image/x-bmp in DefaultSettings.php
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Author: carlb613

The defaults for $wgMediaHandlers need to be changed to:


  • Plugins for media file type handling.
  • Each entry in the array maps a MIME type to a class name */

$wgMediaHandlers = array(

'image/jpeg' => 'BitmapHandler',
'image/png' => 'BitmapHandler',
'image/gif' => 'BitmapHandler',
'image/x-ms-bmp' => 'BmpHandler',
'image/x-bmp' => 'BmpHandler', 
'image/svg+xml' => 'SvgHandler', // official
'image/svg' => 'SvgHandler', // compat
'image/vnd.djvu' => 'DjVuHandler', // official
'image/x.djvu' => 'DjVuHandler', // compat
'image/x-djvu' => 'DjVuHandler', // compat


For some reason, the existing MediaWiki default values have 'x-ms-bmp' listed here but not 'x-bmp'. Depending on what tools a site is using to detect file types for uploads, this can break display of uncompressed bitmaps.

Version: 1.13.x
Severity: minor



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