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selflinks aren't marked as selflinks in VisualEditor
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If an user adds a self-link to a page[1], the MediaWiki parser converts these links to a bold text only, and doesn't add a "real" link. However, in VE there's no indication, that the user added such a link. E.g., a page called "Bootloader" with a link to "Bootloader" (selflink) looks like this in VE:

Unbenannt_1.PNG (372×218 px, 12 KB)

and looks like this when the page is parsed:

Unbenannt_1.PNG (325×158 px, 9 KB)

There should be a visual or textual indication, that the link is a self-link.

[1] A self-link is a link to the current page. E.g. a page called "Foo" which has a link to the page "Foo" (pretty useless mostly).