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Page images API doesn't return an image when the image is an imagemap
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Image map in the lead section (no other images on the page):

The API doesn't return the image map, but it should:

For other test cases see T87336#2858587.

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Adding a priority for visibility. We can change it as needed.

Should it?
If an image map is used in an article is it not used to make certain areas clickable? Would that translate well to a page image?
Do we have any real world examples where an image map may be more suitable than the current choice?
Was this decision intentional and documented anywhere?

Looks like we need to analyze articles from

However, if an image map is the only image on a page, we may need to consider returning it.

That sounds like a good first step. My concern is we shouldn't introduce code if it's not useful due to the time it takes to implement this kind of change and the added maintenance cost of coupling ourselves to the ImageMap extension.

ovasileva lowered the priority of this task from Medium to Low.Jan 26 2017, 4:23 PM

I believe this is the correct behaviour. Until we see some examples in real world wikis we should decline this.