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[Spec] Design meta ORES general wiki entity matching schema
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Our first iteration of Meta ORES is probably going to be simple and limited to reviewing ORES scores. However, it will be immediately useful (T153150) to extend this concept to possibly provide it as a backend for wikilabels: people making collective judgment calls about commits, reverts, and admin actions. There might be even more interesting applications beyond this.

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We could probably use triples of (<wikidb>, <entity_type>, <entity ID>). E.g. ("enwiki", "revision", 2345671)

Maybe we need to brainstorm use cases before going too far down that road, but I think it's a solid beginning to have a table like you suggest, and "target entity" is just a row in this table. Then we have a graph that can be expanded to whatever schema is appropriate.

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We can target Diff, Revision, and Page, which is sufficient for the moment.