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ApiTag forces old-style boolean
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The noop result in ApiTag appears to be a formatversion=1-style boolean.

I did a quick search of all other API modules in last night's nightly, and there was nothing else obvious.

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Change 328405 had a related patch set uploaded (by Anomie):
ApiTag: Return 'noop' as a boolean in formatversion=2

@RobinHood70: thanks for filing all of these bugs btw! Can I ask how you're finding them? Are you just manually testing API end points or using a script or? I'm wondering if we can integrate it into our API testing procedures.

Unfortunately, it's nothing that would be useful to you for your testing procedures. I've been developing a C# bot framework that implements about 98% of the API. So, as I've been going through each module to determine what the inputs and results are for all of them, I've been noting the discrepancies.

I should add that the API layer is nominally complete now, give or take a couple of new modules like clientlogin that I'll tackle later I'm probably finished with the ream of bug reports now. :)

Change 328405 merged by jenkins-bot:
ApiTag: Return 'noop' as a boolean in formatversion=2