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Diffs do not show changes in whitespace (wikidiff2)
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Author: ui2t5v002

In bug 286 it was said that adding an underline to the .diffchange CSS would fix this, but it does not, since the whitespace is not surrounded by the diffchange class.

  1. If I change "some words" to "some words", the HTML for the diff view has the extra spaces, but they are collapsed by the browser. For the diff view, multiple spaces need to be forced with alternating nbsp; so that they do not collapse on display. ("some words" needs to become "some    words")
  2. Anything that changes needs to be wrapped with the diffchange class, including whitespace, so that we can highlight it with an underline.

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Seems to work fine on MediaWiki trunk.

Probably the change needs to be applied to the wikidiff2 plugin we use on Wikimedia sites.

ui2t5v002 wrote:

(In reply to comment #1)

Seems to work fine on MediaWiki trunk.

Does it do both 1 and 2?

changed Product/Component to MediaWiki extensions/wikidiff2

Added pre-wrap styles to diff.css and classes to wikidiff2 in r33451.