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dewiki: Sort order in tables is wrong in some cases
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the sort order in tables in dewiki should use uca-de-u-kn.

as of now „Č“ follows "Z", but it should sort as same as C

Example from "Österreichisches Wörterbuch" 42.Auflage: S. 151-S.152

Cs → Csarda → C-Schlüssel → ČSFR → CSI → ČSR → ČSSR → ct → CT → c. t. → Cu

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@Boshomi Please add to the description a "use case" page with:

  • a first table using the sortable class, to see sorting issues
  • a second static table correctly sorted

That will allow to test the fix to the JavaScript sorting code.

[ Temporarily assigned back to requester to provide a more documented report. Once, done, you can put the task up to grab again. ]

Per T128806: Switch German Wikipedia to uca-de category collation, this would need some consensus. I'm going to merge this task into that one.