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intitle/insource doesn't seem to like punctuation
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intitle:"(comic" returns results which do not contain that phrase in the title.

I've had similar issues with the insource:"searchTerm." usually searching for either full stops or the vertical bar character |.

With insource I can work around the issue using a regex search e.g. insource:/\(comic/, but regex doesn't work with intitle (that's T156474: Add the possibility to do regex search on titles which I came here to file today and someone beat me to the punchline...).

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Deskana triaged this task as Medium priority.Feb 2 2017, 11:22 PM
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intitle works against the default "title" field, which is analyzed with our default text analyzer, we could perhaps offer some way to switch from title to title.plain which is the stricter field normaly used for quoted content. Of note here is that with keywords quotes mean something different than in normal usage, quotes with a keyword simply allowing having a keyword argument that contains spaces

Hmm, no after a quick test title.plain won't help for this case. We would need to add a new subfield of title with a matching analysis chain. Regex, as suggested above, might be a reasonable way forward there but would need some consideration as it seems possible our regex acceleration wouldn't be as effective on short fields such as title.