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'prometheus' service user vs. actual human account 'prometheus'
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The Prometheus monitoring packages use a service user name 'Prometheus'. But, on labs we already have a user by that name.

That produced some conflicts during package installation, which is probably not a huge deal. On the other hand, the fact that someone can log in as a service/monitoring user is probably not great.

It's not their fault, of course, since their account predates our use of Prometheus software.

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I've emailed prometheus (the user) to see if I can just delete their account. If the answer is 'no' then I'm not sure how to proceed.

I think renaming the shell account name should be enough; deleting should not be necessary.

Quite ironic for an unforeseen conflict to concern a name meaning "forethought", isn't it?

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I rediscovered this problem while working on T170178: Update wikitech Titleblacklist. My first change was T170178#3436416 where I just changed the uid for the account. That turned out to be problematic because the missing prometheus LDAP account broke Puppet runs where it is used. Looking deeper I found that we actually have files owned by the numeric uid as well. Here's what I came up with as the fix:

  • rename prometheus to jberkley
  • change home dir and numeric uid for jberkley
  • add a new prometheus user with the old numeric uid
dn: uid=prometheus,ou=people,dc=wikimedia,dc=org
changetype: add
objectClass: inetorgperson
objectClass: posixAccount
uidNumber: 14736
gidNumber: 500
homeDirectory: /var/lib/prometheus
loginShell: /bin/false
uid: prometheus
cn: Prometheus daemon
sn: Prometheus daemon
description: Hack to clean up T170178