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Upgrade of prometheus-node-exporter complains with: chown: invalid group: ‘prometheus:prometheus’
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Spotted on Jessie labs instances when running an apt-get upgrade:

Unpacking prometheus-node-exporter (0.14.0~git20170523-1) over (0.13.0~rc.2+ds-1) ...
Processing triggers for systemd (215-17+deb8u7) ...
Setting up prometheus-node-exporter (0.14.0~git20170523-1) ...

Configuration file '/etc/default/prometheus-node-exporter'
 ==> Modified (by you or by a script) since installation.
 ==> Package distributor has shipped an updated version.
   What would you like to do about it ?  Your options are:
    Y or I  : install the package maintainer's version
    N or O  : keep your currently-installed version
      D     : show the differences between the versions
      Z     : start a shell to examine the situation
 The default action is to keep your current version.
*** prometheus-node-exporter (Y/I/N/O/D/Z) [default=N] ? 
chown: invalid group: ‘prometheus:prometheus’
chown: invalid group: ‘prometheus:prometheus’
$ id prometheus
uid=14736(prometheus) gid=500(wikidev) groups=500(wikidev)

$ getent passwd prometheus

$ getent group prometheus

It looks like the Debian package does not create the prometheus group. Another potential issue is that there is a wmflabs user with the same name:

$ ldaplist -l passed prometheus
dn: uid=prometheus,ou=people,dc=wikimedia,dc=org
	uidNumber: 14736
	gidNumber: 500

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prometheus-node-exporter does create the prometheus group, IIRC it fails because of what you mentioned, i.e. prometheus user exists in labs/cloud